Manufacturer Activates in Market with Video to Drive Engagement, Impact, and Savings


A manufacturing company needed to bring its quarterly display execution strategy to life. They wanted a video to create a more compelling and engaging story for their customer teams. Historically, this was created in a 50 page PowerPoint deck which meant a lot of the messaging was lost in translation.



Through ShopperMX, the manufacturer was able to create a 5 minute video using ShopperMX Retail Simulation and the DIY Video and Screenshot capabilities.



The manufacturer was able to show the video to their entire customer-facing team and clearly communicate a message with key takeaways and action items. They successfully communicated merchandising visuals, placement visuals, and an overall map of what a national recommendation would look like within a typical Grocery.

They also made a retailer-ready version of their video for the sales teams to show directly to retail partners. A win-win for executing both internally and externally.

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