We’ve got the virtual solutions you need to create the best shopper experience for your specialty stores and brands.

Whether it’s for pets, alcoholic beverages, office supplies or home improvement, shoppers who enter a specialty store are often looking for specific information and advice. Make their journey easier—and improve your bottom line as a result—with virtual reality.


In pet specialty, for example, are shoppers noticing your brand among the many long aisles dedicated to one category? Test in virtual to learn if they notice your new messaging, and if it impact sales.

Or maybe you would like to learn how shoppers make their decisions when buying home improvement fixtures that have long purchase cycles, like a ceiling fan. By leveraging virtual reality, we can create shopper decision trees on products like these, in near real-time.

Keep up with online competition and create shopping experiences that make your target customers want to come back to your store, or continue to buy your product.