Creating new retail concepts to optimize the shopper experience.

In today’s world, retailing is a tough game. From grocery and liquor stores to office supply and specialty stores the challenges are similar.  Competition from online, shrinking margins and an increasingly informed customer base mean you are working harder than ever to create a shopping experience that brings shoppers in and keeps them coming back.

With cloud-based virtual reality simulations powered by ShopperMX™, you can create and execute optimal store and aisle layouts faster and easier than ever before. Our VR solutions give you the flexibility to create and iterate your concepts in a virtual world, eliminating time-intensive physical build-outs and configuration changes. Want to learn how a new trending product will fair in your store? Create, modify and evaluate in virtual reality before making a potentially costly and time-consuming mistake. See in advance how new ideas will work in the real world, and get a leg up on the competition.


Virtual lets you:

  • Make macro-level changes on the fly
  • Create and visualize in-store merchandising concepts
  • See how new displays and signage will look without physical mock-ups
  • Learn what will catch the shopper’s eye, and generate sales before bringing a new concept to market
  • Drive compliance by communicating new concepts and directives for in-store execution using immersive virtual simulations

General Eric Shinseki, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff, once said “If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less.” No one understands that better than today’s retailers. Let us help you navigate changes in retailing—affordably, quickly, reliably.


No matter your role, VR simulations can help you identify and execute the best ideas for your store.

Category Management

  • Import category planograms and iterate them on the fly
  • Collaborate with brands while visualizing new category strategies
  • Explore the impact on sales and profits of planogram changes
  • See how out-of-stocks affect overall category sales

Store Design

  • Design realistic, innovative new store concepts—quickly and easily
  • Reinvent your center store to increase sales across categories
  • Collaborate with manufacturers to seamlessly to explore new in-store concepts


  • Understand where new products and marketing displays will have the greatest impact
  • Share new concepts with brands for truly collaborative ideation
  • Activate new concepts across locations with high-impact 3D simulation movies

Shopper Insights

  • Learn how shoppers make decisions in your stores – and how you can influence them
  • Evaluate trends in shopper behavior with no geographic or demographic constraints
  • Test new concepts in virtual before investing in the real world

Advertising and Marketing

  • Close the loop to sales for circulars and other marketing activity
  • Ideate new in-store marketing tactics with realistic virtual simulations
  • Effectively roll out new concepts across locations by using high resolution, 3D movies

Store Brands

  • Explore new ways to market private label products
  • Optimize shelf placement for store brands
  • Understand shopper attitudes and behaviors related to private label