The customer insights you crave.

Today’s restaurant operator faces unprecedented challenges: stiff competition from grocers and convenience stores, new menu regulations, rapidly evolving health trends, and continued cutbacks in consumer spending.


Virtual simulations powered by ShopperMX™ help you stay ahead in the fast-moving foodservice industry.

Recreate your patron experience in a lifelike virtual simulation. Then evaluate how change in advertising, messaging or placement of branded materials impact patrons, so you can make better real-world investment decisions.

Save time and unnecessary costs by:

  • Evaluating the best setup for branded promotional materials
  • Getting inside the diner experience—spot opportunities for improvement by conceptualizing in the most realistic virtual 3D restaurant environments
  • Rolling out new menu, marketing and layout options with crystal clear 3D video simulations
  • Collaborating with peers and partners at every stage of the process, using our cloud-based virtual reality platform