Virtual reality means you can conceptualize, validate and activate new concepts no matter your industry.

Some industries just don’t fit into a neat and tidy CPG and retail box. No matter. InContext Solutions can still help you create a simulation of your real-world environment, whether or not it has four walls—or any walls at all. From gas stations to airport terminals to banks, we can give you an accurate, compelling view of your customer experience.


Perhaps you’d like to:

  • Visualize a new store layout or concept design
  • Gain real-time insights into what your customers really think
  • Learn how customers will react to a new product or experience
  • Save time and resources when bringing a new concept to market

Dive into a cloud-based virtual reality simulation of your world and begin to truly understand how your customers view your brand. Experiment with new marketing or product design ideas, share your ideas with peers and partners, and test these new ideas with real customers. Gain perspective and insight that you never thought possible.