VR is heading into the home—so shouldn’t it be a part of your home improvement store strategy?

Smart home technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality are all starting to streamline the way people run and furnish their houses. Today’s home-owners are growing to expect easier, faster ways of doing improvements—so presenting them with a confusing, counter-intuitive in-store experience is going to scare them off, maybe for good.

But learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to goods that are heavy, large and hard to move around is a challenge home improvement stores and brands often face.

That’s where our virtual reality technology shines.

HD-Mowers-and-Grills-for-site.jpgInContext’s VR platform allows teams to visualize and change around objects within a hyper-realistic virtual space, eliminating many of the challenges and risks associated with traditional methods.

With virtual you can:

  • Make sure your shoppers notice your brand among the many long aisles dedicated to one category
  • Determine the most functional store set up that creates an easy, rewarding experience for your customers
  • Understand the impact your changes have on your sales and the bottom line
  • Evaluate new in-store ideas, with no threat from the competition

We recreate your shopper experience in virtual reality, so you can build and modify planograms and shelf layouts quickly and easily, without the need for time-consuming mock physical stores or heavy machinery. Then test concepts virtually in order to learn what makes the most sense to your shoppers. 

Technology is changing the home improvement sector. Learn how VR can take your home-improvement retail needs to the next level.

Our virtual reality solutions can help you, no matter your role.