Rethinking the center store – and beyond.

We know how much pressure CPG manufacturers face—pressure to stay on top of the latest product and industry trends, pressure to increase sales in your category, pressure to expand your customer base.

Virtual reality store simulations ease that pressure with retail and shopper intelligence.


With virtual you can:

  • Improve speed to market
  • Get shoppers to notice your new packaging or find your new product
  • Understand the impact your changes have on your sales and the bottom line
  • Determine the optimal layout and assortment for your key retailers and channels
  • Evaluate new in-store ideas, with no threat from the competition

We recreate your shopper experience in virtual reality, so you can build and modify planograms and shelf layouts quickly and easily, without the need for time-consuming mock physical stores. With insights like never before, we can help improve your category review process, and evaluate your in-store marketing, packaging or store design ideas before you invest in them. Virtual reality simulations give you the confidence you need to make category recommendations to retailers, with results that prove your idea will move the needle for your brand and the category—ultimately enriching the shopper experience.

We've partnered with the top consumer packaged goods manufacturers worldwide to help them better understand shopper behavior, create more successful in-store concepts and work more effectively with retailers.


Our virtual reality solutions can help you, no matter your role.

Shopper Insights & Consumer Insights

  • Conduct virtual shopper research studies that span geographies and demographics
  • Discover the best in-store placement for new products and marketing displays
  • Evaluate planogram arrangements to ensure your product sells
  • Discover how new packaging will impact sales
  • Evaluate the impact of brand advertising on product purchase and recognition
  • Gain insight into not only what shoppers buy, but why

Category Management

  • Change category adjacencies to see what appeals to the most shoppers
  • Understand how out-of-stocks influence total category sales
  • Create innovative new store flow and aisle design concepts
  • Visualize and collaborate on concepts with category partners
  • Understand the shifts between brands and how that impacts profitability when a new arrangement is introduced

Marketing & Innovation

  • Brainstorm and create new in-store marketing concepts in a lifelike format
  • Test innovative ideas to influence shopper decisions at point of sale
  • Create movies that help implement in-store marketing ideas in the real world
  • Test the impact of new packaging on sales at different retailers
  • Measure brand recognition and awareness in a realistic store simulation
  • Collaborate seamlessly in real-time with agencies and internal teams


  • Motivate internal teams with a powerful selling tool to take new concepts into the market
  • Showcase compelling 3D simulation movies at sales meetings, tradeshows and conferences
  • Drive better adoption and collaboration with key clients