Cutting-edge insights for the ever-evolving personal electronics and digital technology space.

Today’s consumer is in a state of constant change.

With the rise of Millennials’ purchasing power and increasing tech-savviness among consumers, companies need to know what their shoppers want, how they think and why they buy.


Virtual reality simulations give you crucial insight into the shopper experience.

Our cloud-based store simulations powered by ShopperMX™ can recreate your in-store experience and help you optimize it to drive sales.

  • Design new in-store concepts in virtual reality to fully visualize your idea
  • Test new concepts with real shoppers to predict real world sales
  • Easily share ideas and insights with your peers and partners for a strong go-to-market strategy
  • Create shopper decision trees to understand shopper decisions for your products that are purchased infrequently or for those without UPC codes

When it comes to the consumer electronics industry, today’s shopper is willing to spend—if the circumstances are right.