No matter what industry you’re in, virtual store simulations can give you faster, more powerful insights into your shopper experience.

Virtual consumers behave the same way they would in a real-world test—in fact, the correlation between virtual and reality is over .90. They walk the same paths, look at the same products, make the same purchases and hold the same beliefs. With our groundbreaking virtual reality shopper solutions powered by ShopperMX™, you can iterate an unlimited number of retail concepts and shelf arrangements, gain data showing how your ideas will fare in the market, and effortlessly share your new concepts with colleagues and partners resulting in improved retail activation.

From grocery to restaurants to consumer electronics, and more: ideation, evaluation and activation has never been easier.


Check out the top ways to win at retail with ShopperMX™ or our Resource Center to see some of our most recent case studies and watch our stunningly realistic virtual simulations at work in your industry.

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