You’ve come up with what you think is a solid idea to create a better shopping experience, such as a new shelf arrangement, a new display or new messaging. But how do you know for sure it will make a splash in the marketplace?

Testing in virtual reality eliminates the guesswork and keeps your new ideas under wraps until you are ready to launch.

Instead of relying on historic models, or trying to predict results for a never-been-tested new product, virtual provides the data-driven insights you need to make confident decisions—allowing you to say goodbye to unnecessary time-consuming and costly in-store testing.


Virtual reality gives you the freedom to understand shopper behavior—without leaving your desk.

With the correlation between virtual and reality at over .90, you can accurately test multiple in-store concepts with real shoppers, then get valuable feedback on their choices.

Whether you are trying to narrow and refine new concepts or are localizing the national brand strategy, we have a range of solutions to help you make informed decisions—no matter the budget or timeline.

Do-It-Yourself Rapid Evaluation Solutions

Leverage ShopperMX™ for near real-time, reliable feedback on your new concepts.


Visual Attention Analysis (VAA)

Apply heat mapping to learn how shoppers scan the shelf in the first 3-5 seconds, and quickly find out if your new concept catches their eye.


ShopperMX™ Indicators

Rapid retail evaluation tools that leverage a DIY set-up and analysis platform to deliver behavioral and attitudinal shopper data to you within weeks. Ideal for systematic and rapid evaluation of new shelf or marketing concepts created in ShopperMX™.

Customized Virtual Shopper Insights Services

Utilize our team of experts to conduct a more in-depth, holistic study.


Planogram Test

Identify the optimal layout and assortment for key retailers and channels.

Package Test

Learn if shoppers notice or easily find your new packaging, and whether or not it will impact sales.

Signage or Display Test

Understand how shoppers navigate an aisle and whether a new display or sign can alter their path and purchase.

Advertising Copy Test

Design a virtual store test in parallel with a traditional ad copy test to determine whether your ad would positively impact sales, and be able to demonstrate why.

The Virtual Research Difference

Virtual store research integrates attitudinal and behavioral shopper data, resulting in predictive insights that may change the way you evaluate concepts and how you go to market. Read more

Shopper Decision Trees

Capture how shoppers make choices in a virtual shopping exercise and take purchase hierarchy research to a new level to answer strategic and tactical portfolio questions.

Qualitative Research

Use virtual stimulus in your focus groups and IDIs to gage how shoppers will react in the real-world, before investing in physical products, marketing and other store changes.

We wanted to challenge the norm and become thought leaders. Virtual was the best option to help us do that. It gave us conclusive, cost-effective results within just eight weeks. And not only were the numbers impressive, InContext’s virtual solutions helped to prove an increase in shopability for our customers.