Nothing stays the same when it comes to the retail and CPG industry, which is why you need to create dynamic concepts that will resonate with your shoppers and keep them engaged. When budgets are tight and resources are stretched, the process of designing and collaborating new in-store retail concepts can be daunting.

Our virtual reality retail simulations, powered by ShopperMX™, allow you to build your new ideas in a virtual store to seamlessly create and modify in-store concepts.

Whether it’s for category reinventions, seasonal promotions or reviewing planogram flow, our retail and shopper simulations give you the tools you need to ideate and visualize shelf, display and in-store concepts before taking them to market.

Our virtual content library within ShopperMX™ includes over 45 global store environments (including grocery, specialty and consumer electronics) as well as displays and signage and tens of thousands of products, so your concepts are evaluated in the context of a real store.

Harness the power of VR simulations


Virtual reality simulations give you the power to:

  • Instantly visualize new layouts, signage and shelf configurations on the fly with DIY, drag-and-drop features
  • See how your new shopper marketing concepts will come to life within specific retail store environments
  • Build localized and retailer-specific shelf sets
  • Design and compare multiple planograms at once
  • Get a quick read on new concepts with visual heat mapping and color blocking
  • Optimize collaboration with live, immersive and interactive navigation
  • Integrate with your legacy planning and execution tools for optimal efficiency
  • All this and more!
With ShopperMX™, we are now more agile and can react to customer opportunities quickly. We have the power to evaluate the most favorable shopping experience for our customers and talk about projectable results within a month. Not to mention, we are saving a lot of time and money when compared to our old process.