After creating and evaluating your new in-store concept, you’re confident that it resonates with shoppers and drives growth. But you’re not done. Manufacturers need a comprehensive story that will help them gain buy-in with retailers and sell effectively to the market, and retailers need to successfully execute the concept in-store.

Seamlessly tell your story with the insights and data to back up your recommendations. 

No matter if you’re in a top-to-top meeting, conducting a sales presentation, or implementing new concepts at the store level, our cloud-based virtual reality platform, ShopperMX™, gives you the ability to present your idea to decision-makers seamlessly, from beginning to end. 


Tell a story that stands out with impactful visuals

Full Immersion Virtual Reality

The ShopperMX™ Hi-Immersion Virtual Experience (HIVE) brings concepts created in ShopperMX™ to a VR headset, delivering an unsurpassed in-store perspective of new shelf, signage, display and store designs.

Used by Category Management, Store Design, Promotions, Merchandising, Sales and Executive teams for top-to-top presentations and ongoing retailer and manufacturer collaboration, the HIVE will transform how you approach retail decision-making.



Virtual reality videos are the fastest, most impactful way to bring your simulated 3D shopping experience to life. Our cross-functional team of experts work with you to build a movie that integrates research findings and virtual simulations with voiceovers, text, music and graphics, so you can build the strongest case possible for your new in-store experiences.



Large screen centers

Bring your visions to life on the big screen for top-to-top or executive meetings that deliver high-impact presentations and collaboration. ShopperMX™ engineers will work with you to bring virtual to your own center, or ask about our ShopperLab.


360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos are changing the way people are impacted by visuals. No longer just static images or videos on a screen, today’s visuals are using virtual technology to tell a story. Our 360 video capabilities take our virtual simulations one step further, by creating a more impactful replacement for boring PowerPoint presentations or to help tell a story to gain buy-in with external partners. Click here for tips on creating 360 videos.

Play the video to the left, and click and drag your mouse to see up, down and all around you.



ShopperMX™ Connect

Did you know 28% of the typical assortment is missing from approved planograms?

Communication and compliance is a breeze with virtual reality videos and screen shots, which can be shared with ShopperMX™ Core and Connect users. ShopperMX™ Connect is designed for large-scale implementation that ensures your winning concept is executed efficiently, and properly.

What's more, you can now take your simulations anywhere you go with our ShopperMX™ Mobile App, giving you the convenience to take your new concepts into the field, and share images and videos right from your iPad.

We have been able to show a customer their planogram in a virtual store environment, which has been positively received. With this tool, I can show a retailer why certain items should be placed in the recommended section.