Virtual Reality Solutions for
Optimizing the Shopper Experience

If you are responsible for creating engaging retail experiences, our cutting edge enterprise SaaS virtual reality platform, ShopperMX™, can help you drive faster, smarter, more profitable decisions.

The retail industry is always changing and if you want to stay competitive you need be constantly innovating. But we know there’s more to it. You need confidence that your new ideas will resonate with your shoppers. Confidence they won’t flop, confidence your stakeholders are on board, confidence you can implement them quickly, affordably and with ease.

Virtual reality allows you to ideate winning concepts, evaluate your ideas by testing them with real shoppers to gain insight into real-world performance, and activate your new concepts in-store.

Whether you’d like to quickly visualize a new in-store concept, or you want to conduct an in-depth customized research study using our team of experts, virtual allows you to make faster, smarter, more profitable decisions. By creating simulations of new initiatives and validating your concepts through data-driven insights—all before you invest—you won’t have to wonder how they’ll fare in the market. You’ll know.

Gain the confidence you need with our
virtual reality solutions for retailers and manufacturers.

With our virtual reality retail solutions you can:

  • Instantly create and iterate new ideas on the fly
  • Improve compliance at the store level
  • Choose from over 45 different retail environments to customize your in-store experiences for specific retail partners—including signage, displays, products and aisle flow
  • Get deep, meaningful shopper insights with custom research from our team of experts
  • Visualize and share new concepts with user-friendly 3D movies and snapshots
  • Maximize ROI with our professional support services when you don’t have time to do it yourself
  • Collaborate with peers, executives, partners and stakeholders using cloud-based virtual simulation platform
  • Save valuable time and reduce capital expenditures by testing before you invest
  • Enjoy enterprise-wide collaboration with a range of user licenses
  • Import 3D content from SketchUp

Accessing ShopperMX™


Core Application

Complete virtual toolkit for importing and creating content, building and configuring store concepts as well as testing ideas and publishing virtual content to broader teams. Gives you and your team full access to collaboratively create, configure and test new ideas in the cloud.

Connect Application

Powerful solution for viewing and sharing virtual simulations, conducting sales presentations and executing in-store with video and screen shot creation.

Professional Services

Resources to take your team to the next level in ShopperMX™. From hands-on support to fully customized solutions, or when you simply don’t have time to do it all yourself, the ShopperMX™ Customer Experience team is made up of certified experts who will partner with you to maximize your return on investment.

Presenting the methodology, getting the full team deeply involved, helping us to define the business questions, challenging us to ensure you would deliver what we really need to impact business – was really best in class from what I’ve seen so far.