ShopperMX Solutions

3D Visualization

Transforming Merchandising One virtual Store at a time

Replace mock stores and layout centers with virtual simulations that mirror brick-n-mortar. Easily create and view signage, planogram and display options. Improve your shoppers' experience. Transform the way you merchandise.

Virtual Layout & Innovation Center 

  • Reduce labor, inventory, and physical prototyping expenses
  • Make concept changes on the fly
  • View and assess multiple concepts in a hyper-realistic store setting

Virtual Planogram Review 

  • Take your reset process to virtual with real time collaboration

Digitize Communication 

  • Improve in-store compliance with walk-thru videos
  • Share consistent merchandising best practices with customers

Test and Learn

Insights powered by virtual

Just asking questions isn't good enough. Ask someone a question and they tell you what they think they would do.

Observe what someone does, and now you have powerful insights.

When you observe you understand the “why”. The root cause behind one choice or another.

Our virtual research methodologies allow you to observe shoppers under specific conditions and get exact. Tying attitudes to behaviors. Something uniquely delivered using virtual.

Sales Enablement

Bring your story to life

In-Field Activation
ShopperMX drastically improves the sell-in process for field sales. Augmented Reality (AR) can quickly visualize, customize, and share merchandising scenarios in the field overlaid on real life.

Collaboration is key in a world where business never stops and teams
can't wait for in person meetings.

Seeing a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing a 3D simulation is worth a million. Share selling stories. Engage your audience with a virtual walk-through. 

You'll never look back.

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