Fortune favors the bold

It’s time to challenge the traditional ways of merchandising by leveraging technology and data. We all know the story – you lead the way or you get left behind.

The Platform

What is ShopperMX?

The leader in simulation, collaboration, and decision-support software for retail merchandising.

The Why

Benefits of ShopperMX

ShopperMX enables users to think big without the overhead of failing at large. The ability to make, test, and see at speed, scale, and cost is transforming the way you merchandise today.

Visualize, Test, and Activate

  • Usability

    We’ve pushed the evolution of merchandising with industry leading interaction capabilities that allow for faster ideation of your retail concepts.

  • Editing

    Our editing capabilities give users unprecedented freedom to create retail scenarios that have never been possible before.

  • Presentation

    Bring your ideas to life with both internal teams and external partners by showcasing your concepts with video and screen-share.

  • Content

    Content is king across all channels today, and virtual is no different. Our best in class visuals continually evolve with your needs.

Be the difference to see the difference.
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