Business Objective: A manufacturer sought buy-in for a new category arrangement at a regional grocery retailer, but they did not have budget for research.

Business Functions Impacted:Coffee-shelf1.jpg
Shopper Marketing
Category Management 

Business Situation: A manufacturer planned to present a new category arrangement recommendation at a regional grocery retailer that would change from vertical brand blocking to horizontal blocking. The primary benefit was improving shopability, but the buyer worried the private label products wouldn’t be seen by shoppers in the new arrangement and have a negative impact on overall category sales.

ShopperMX™ Approach

The customer created a planogram arrangement with horizontal blocking and prepared a visually engaging report to present the retailer.vlcsnap-2016-10-19-11h30m20s857.png

This report included Visual Attention Analysis (VAA) to explain how the private label product placement still captured shopper attention.

They also demonstrated the new shelf in a virtual store walk-through, giving the retailer an immersive shopping experience.

With a good understanding of the new shopping experience and impact potential for their shoppers, the buyer accepted the category arrangement change.

Customer ROI

The new planogram arrangement contributed to the manufacturers’ brand share increase, and created a first year Topline benefit of $600,000 at the retailer.

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