Business Objective: Improve the ROI of field communication. 

Business Functions Impacted:old_papers.jpeg
Merchandising Operations
Shopper Marketing
Store Operations

Business Situation: A retailer spent millions of dollars each year on printed field communications they felt were cumbersome, only moderately effective and expensive

ShopperMX™ Approach

Phase 1: Creation of Communication Materials:

  • Category & marketing teams created good, better, best concepts by channel, banner and category in ShopperMX™.
  • Concepts were published out to operations teams for execution.

Phase 2: Distribution & Utilization Of Materials:in-store-activation-1-card-md.jpg

  • Store Operations teams reviewed videos and images of each concept using the ShopperMX™ mobile app while in the store.
  • The visual nature of materials gave teams an instant understanding of how to execute correctly.
Customer ROI

Moving to a virtual in-store communication strategy, our client saved $2 million on printing & shipping of materials annually. Plus, they improved adoption and compliance within their stores, driving speed to market and topline growth.