Business Objective: Improve brand share and category sales at a key retailer.

Business Functions Impacted: Category Management and Sales 

Business Situation:Implementing the best-in-class layout involved significant movement of competitor products. While historic sales data trends were compelling, the manufacturer needed more to help assure the retailer this layout would be a positive change for their shoppers.

ShopperMX™ Approach
  • The client designed the best-in-class POG in 3D and placed it inside a virtual simulation of the retailer’s store.


  • Then using ShopperMX™ VAA, the client created heat maps to predict shopper visual path. The VAA report was compelling, visualizing how shopper attention was drawn to key anchor brands within the category.


  • During Joint Business Planning, the manufacturer gained retailer buy-in using demonstrating shopper perspective of the new POG and sharing the VAA report.
  • The final key to success was sales and store activation. Our client created sales materials including a movie of the virtual store walk-through, images of the new shelf and VAA images. These materials were distributed to sales teams via the ShopperMX™ Mobile app which could be taken into stores and reviewed directly with operations teams.


Customer ROI

Implementation of Best-In-Class POG resulted in manufacturer brand share increase of 1.5% plus a 1st year topline benefit of $750k at the retailer.

Using high-impact virtual sales materials improved speed to market, reaching high levels of compliance 4 weeks faster than goal.