Business Objective: Identify the optimal placement for a new product introduction and build a compelling sales story for the client’s retail partners.


Business Functions Involved:
Category Management

Business Situation: Sales challenged the insights organization to identify the optimal location for product placement in each of their top retailers to achieve 100% distribution. Faced with 17 potential product placements, the client needed to quickly prioritize locations and make recommendations based upon sound data that could easily be sold into their clients. 

ShopperMX™ Approach

Phase 1: Identify Leading Concepts 
The client used ShopperMX™ to visualize each of the 17 potential scenarios in a 3D virtual retail simulation. Once created the team ran VAA (Visual Attention Analysis) against each of the potential scenarios. This predicative model provided clarity on which locations the product performed best at catching shoppers attention. Concepts that did not draw attention toward the new product were eliminated. This approach led to 11 of the potential scenarios being eliminated.VAA-Resource.jpg

Phase 2: Quantify the Optimal Location
For consistency, the client wanted a rigorous, in-depth test which would identify the optimal location based on sales performance and findability. They partnered with InContext’s Research Services group to design and execute a custom virtual store research study.

Phase 3: Build a Retail Specific Sales Story
In order to provide each customer with specific recommendations and visibility into the impact on their business, the winning scenario from phase 2 was tested within each of the manufacturer's top customers virtual stores (with their assortment and arrangement in consideration). Using ShopperMX™ Indicators, the client was able to provide customer-specific insight into sales performance and shopper perception of the new item.

Phase 4: Presentation & Sell-In 
The manufacturer team met with the retail merchant and shared compelling sales and shopper insights gathered with VAA, Custom Research and Indicators. Data and insights were accompanied by a virtual store walk-through, bringing the insights to life.

Customer ROI

In-depth research, customer-centric insights and life-like simulation of the recommendations won our client a 100% distribution amongst top 5 customers.

Concepts were validated 36 weeks into the launch, and were found to be within .1 share point of the indicator test results.

Our client saved thousands of dollars and many months that would have been invested in traditional methods such as mock store tests and then waiting for in-market results before understanding the true ROI.

ShopperMX™ In Action