Business Objective: Introduce a new brand strategy to key retail partners. Dollar_General_snack_center.png

Business Functions Impacted:
Brand Marketing
Shopper & Trade Marketing
Category Management 

Business Situation:
With the introduction of a new brand strategy, a manufacturer sought to create tailored shelf recommendations for their top 10 key customers to make a big splash in-market.  However, they were facing challenging time and budget constraints, and success of their strategy required speed to market.

ShopperMX™ Approach

Building Concepts in ShopperMX™:

  • The client virtually developed shelf arrangements and signage programs customized to each retailer in ShopperMX™.
  • They captured images of the new arrangement and sent them to buyers, using their virtual simulations as a ‘pre-read’ of their new concept.
  • This process was complete in a matter of days.

Joint Business Planning:large-screen-centers-inline.jpg

  • In collaborative work sessions with their customers, our client conducted virtual store walk-throughs in ShopperMX™.  During this process, the client was able to solicit feedback, and iterate on the concepts live, so all parties could agree on the end state.
Customer ROI

The speed of creating visualizations in ShopperMX™ and the elimination of follow-up meetings cut 6-8 weeks of time with each customer.  Furthermore, compared to their traditional approach which required setting up a mock store, the customer saved over $200,000 when customizing concepts for each retailer. Bottom line is that a tailored customer approach would not have been possible in the physical world due to timelines and budgets, which would have cost our client more than $1m in lost opportunity.