Business Objective: Provide national retail sales and field sales enhanced selling tools to communicate major national and customer trade events, point-of-sale materials,and key facts and figures to enable product & merchandising sell-in. tablet-in-hand-planogram.jpg

Business Functions Involved:
Shopper & Trade Marketing
Field Sales
Sales Strategy and Planning
Customer Marketing and Activation
Revenue Management 

Business Situation: Historically our client was providing an extensive internal powerpoint presentation which outlined major promotions on a quarterly basis. Sales leadership was looking to improve sell-in by providing the organization with customer facing materials which integrate the visuals, insight around performance and optimal placement. 

ShopperMX™ Approach

Phase 1: Creation of Communication Materials:top_3_images_1_-_collaboration.jpg

  • As part of the planning process customer marketing worked cross functionally to bring together insights and creative to develop story boards around each quarter's trade events.
  • Using ShopperMX™, the team created 30 second tailored selling stories for each of their top 10 customers and generic versions for secondary customers. 

Phase 2: Distribution & Utilization Of Materials:

  • Content was organized and then published instantly to the national and field sales organization via ShopperMX™ Connect. 
  • Field teams used their ShopperMX™ Mobile app to access videos and images of the concepts while in the store to aid in presentations, discussion, sales and execution.
Customer ROI

The more effective and engaging communication improved adoption and compliance in the field for greater sales and brand success. Over a 1 year period store sell-in increased 19% and compliance by 24%. In addition the digital content enabled the flexibility of real time updates quarterly.