Business Objective: Category analytics planned to test 3 shelving strategies; ribboning, vertical blocks and horizontal blocks to identify the optimal shelf arrangement.

Business Functions Impacted:vlcsnap-2016-05-09-11h23m24s316-257382-edited.png
Category Management 

Business Situation:
The three different shelving strategies were used in varying degrees across retail partners. Our client wanted to identify which was the best POG for their brands and move to implement this best practice across all retail partners.

ShopperMX™ Approach

The client created each arrangement in ShopperMX™ and then tested them with a Shelf Indicator.


The client ran a generic store Shelf Indicator to capture results relevant for all accounts and then subsequent Indicators to validate results specific to key retail partners.

Customer ROI

The Indicator revealed surprisingly significant results, that horizontal blocks delivered a 14% lift over other strategies.

Establishing horizontal blocks as best practice was $40m growth potential for the brand

The $15K spend on an Indicator plus an additional $10K for customized retailer results delivered an ROI of 800:1.