Business Objective: Utilize creative signage to drive shoppers to center of store and improve sales from the section.

Business Functions Impacted:vlcsnap-2016-10-19-11h28m32s408.png
Store Format & Design
Shopper Marketing

Business Situation: As with most retailers, center of store sales were continuing to decline. The client hypothesized that engaging and educational signage would improve shopping experience and drive shoppers to the areas they had forgotten.

ShopperMX™ Approach

A range of signage concepts created by the clients advertising agency were modeled in 3D and placed in store aisles with ShopperMX™.

Each version was presented to retail executives through store walk-throughs for feedback. Visual attention images were also generated to explain which concepts best captured shoppers’ eye.vlcsnap-2016-09-06-15h58m00s140-535067-edited.png

Leading concepts were selected for validation based on executive feedback and VAA analysis. These concepts were tested with a ShopperMX™ Signage Indicator.

Referencing the sales and shopper impact data collected from ShopperMX™ Indicators, the executive team made a speedy decision about which signage strategy would meet their goals.


Customer ROI

Units per buyer and sales for key center of store categories increased within the first 12 weeks following the signage campaign implementation. Over time, the client attributed a Y1 topline increase of $1m to this campaign.

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