Instantly Predict Where Shoppers Will Look

According to Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), a whopping 76% of all purchase decisions are made in the store. That means that noticeability—catching shoppers’ eyes on the path to purchase—is one of the most important attributes facing today’s brands and retailers.

Visual Attention Analysis (VAA) helps you quickly understand how changes in a virtual store affect where shoppers look in the real world.

VAA Shot on Wine ShelfCreated by 3M™, VAA predicts what shoppers will notice about a scene before the brain starts filtering out information that is not of personal interest. Applying models of human visual attention to a virtual store environment, VAA gives you insight into what is breaking through the clutter visually in the first 3-5 seconds of looking at a scene with your concept.

An alternative to traditional eye-tracking

If you could get results comparable to traditional eye-tracking research without having to field a new study, would you?

Validation studies have found that Visual Attention Analysis predicts what shoppers’ eyes will be drawn to with over 90% of the accuracy of a full eye-tracking analysis, without fielding a new study.


  • Heat Map of predicted visual attention
  • Aggregated gaze path of typical order of viewing
  • Ability to identify areas of interest for analysis
  • Make decisions by comparing changes in attention percentage across cells

 Cost & Timing

  • ShopperMX™ users can generate VAA reports to help evaluate changes made within the virtual environment. 
  • For custom research, VAA can be integrated to provide a holistic analysis.

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See how VAA helped Smith Brothers understand what updates may need to be made to the product packaging when introducing a new product.

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