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Every day, retailers and manufacturers make decisions about new merchandising, in-store communications and assortment campaigns. But due to timing and budgets, these decisions are often made on gut instinct—rather than data. What if you could reduce the risk of introducing new retail executions by testing them with shoppers in near real time—on budget and on deadline?

ShopperMX™ Indicators are rapid evaluation tools that deliver behavioral and attitudinal shopper data to you within weeks.

We’ve established a suite of indicators that are designed to answer the most common business questions and issues faced by category and shopper marketing teams.  

Indicators help answer a wide range of retail business questions:

Shelf Indicator- When you make changes to store shelves—such as reducing or adding assortment, or horizontal vs. vertical grouping—you want to know if the change will create a positive impact. With a combination of attitudinal and sales metrics captured in a virtual shopping exercise, running a Shelf Indicator will help you make data-based decisions that reduce risk.

Signage Indicator- Store experiences are guided by shopper marketing messaging through signs. As you consider investing in new communication materials, use a Signage Indicator test to capture purchase data and shopper attitudes toward new campaigns in the context of the store. Understand if your messaging will promote awareness, improve shopability and ultimately deliver a return on your investment.

Display Indicator- Measure the impact of your secondary product displays. Are shoppers noticing the display? Does the display lead to an incremental lift in sales for the brand featured? The Display Indicator will give you a quick read on how your displays are resonating with customers and affecting sales.

Awareness Indicator Evaluate how signage and display concepts resonate with shoppers. Start by sharing videos of new shopping experiences captured in ShopperMX™ with respondents; then capture their feedback on metrics including noticeability, likability and purchase intent.


Why use ShopperMX™ Indicators?

Make data-driven decisions
Evaluate both the impact on sales and the shopper’s experience to help answer key
business questions. No longer reserved just for big bets, virtual shopper data is accessible for many category and marketing decisions through Indicators.

Gain true shopper perspective
Virtual store testing provides the unique benefit of presenting concepts to a shopper
in the context of a store. The result? Data correlates highly with what will happen if those same concepts are executed in a real store. 

Improve development process 
Integrate Indicator metrics to your concept development process. Learn, iterate, improve and test again...until it’s right and ready for launch.

Reduce time to launch 
Your Indicator report is available in a matter of weeks. Compared to the many months you wait for results from in-store testing, Indicators truly slash time needed to capture data, make decisions and move to launch.

Access InContext expertise
Indicators is based on virtual research best practices established by InContext’s
world-class research team. Having completed hundreds of custom virtual store research projects, Indicators was developed as a standardized program to evaluate new concepts on the fly.

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ShopperMX™ Indicator Case Study

Our client was looking to test whether or not the assumed winning concept for a new campaign would actually provide the greatest value when executed in the the context of the store. With the help of ShopperMX™ Indicators, they were able to quickly learn the best investment, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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