Our approach to understanding shopper decisions is different than traditional consumer decision trees, and the results are incredible.

We capture more data, from specific channels and for specific occasions. And did we mention the investment and time line are better than traditional solutions.

We leverage realistic virtual reality shopping experiences to collect respondent-level purchase data and combine it with attitudinal data from the moment after purchase, creating a groundbreaking new way to generate shopper decision trees. Using virtual reality simulations from thousands of shoppers, we are able to measure true product substitutability insights and walk rate data.

If you are already executing consumer or shopper decision trees, you owe it to yourself to check out our enhanced shopper decision tree offering.

Shopper Decision Tree OutputOur Shopper Decision Trees can help you make better decisions, improve speed to market and answer questions you couldn’t before such as:

  • If a product is not available, at what point will shoppers leave to buy it at another store? 

  • What variables should be emphasized with signage and arrangement on shelf?

  • How can I help shoppers more intuitively shop my category?

PLUS our virtual methodology eliminates traditional decision tree barriers, such as: 

  • Hard-to-track categories (e.g., instant consumption products, products without UPC codes)

  • Hard-to-track channels (e.g. liquor stores, convenience stores)

  • Low purchase frequency categories (e.g., cosmetics, consumer electronics)

  • Retailer-specific data

  • Occasion-based decisions study


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Our solution enables you to create shopper decision trees before implementing any changes in-store. They can be based on region, or  products without UPC codes. Virtual reality lets you do all that—while moving faster and saving you money.

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Why Do Shoppers Make the Decisions They Make When at the Shelf? Learning how shoppers make their buying decisions is a key component to jump-starting a winning retail strategy.

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