A Mixed Reality Platform for Smarter Retail

From procurement to merchandising to transaction, ShopperMX™ is a critical component to enabling true omnichannel retail.

The retail space is moving at lightning speed, led by shoppers who now value experiences over things. As technology changes the way we shop, it is also disrupting how brands and retailers look at the entire value chain. They know they need to improve efficiency, facilitate collaboration and grow the top line.

What Is ShopperMX™?

Leveraging the power of mixed reality simulations, ShopperMX™ is an enterprise collaboration and decision-support platform enabling total store optimization. From idea to execution, our end-to-end platform provides a faster, smarter, more cost effective alternative for understanding what drives shopper engagement.

What Does It Do?

The platform provides a powerful solution to create, optimize and communicate engaging retail experiences for execution in field.

Utilizing simulated environments to visualize, then evaluate and collaborate, brands and retailers are improving efficiency by reducing capex and labor costs associated with retail execution. They are also able to mine deeper, more actionable insights in a fraction of the time, reducing risks often associated with change and innovation.

Why Is It Unique?

ShopperMX™ is the only enterprise mixed reality platform for collaborative ideation, evaluation and activation of new retail experiences. 

  • Modernizing commerce by digitizing the value chain—from procurement and merchandising, to transactions—with the ease of drag-and-drop.
  • Robust proprietary shopper and sales impact insights, with the ability to integrate 3rd party data for ease of full-view shopper analytics.
  • From HQ and Innovation Centers, to store and field personnel, the ShopperMX™ platform is device-agnostic to meet user needs across PC, mobile, full wall screens and Head-Mounted Devices.
  • A total view of the shopper experience, bringing components from stores and products to fixtures, signs and displays into a single scalable perspective.
  • Real-time collaboration and insights for the competitive pace of change at retail today.
  • Visual communication for retail execution allows store-tailored programs and improved compliance.
SMX collage 2-1

Who Uses It?

ShopperMX™ can be leveraged by retail and brand teams focused on:

-- Insights                         -- Category Management
-- Sales                              -- Trade/Brand/Shopper Marketing
-- Innovation                    -- Procurement
-- Merchandising             -- Store Development 
-- Store Operations         -- Package Development 
-- Brand Management    -- E-Commerce

Optimize your retail experiences with mixed reality solutions.


Presenting the methodology, getting the full team deeply involved, helping us to define the business questions, challenging us to ensure you would deliver what we really need to impact business – was really best in class from what I’ve seen so far.