Incontext Solutions Brings Business to Virtual Reality

Posted by Patrick Niersbach on April 7, 2016

"Pitching ideas used to be verbal or a sketch, and now you can interact in real-time. You can make immediate changes, hit refresh and done.” - Mark Hardy, CEO InContext Solutions

By Elliot Volkman

Virtual Reality (VR) is growing to be one of the hottest topics this year, yet most of the applications we hear about are related to consumers or entertainment. Oculus began shipping units in the past week; HTC Vive is starting to ship this week; Playstation VR will be out in October; and a plethora of smartphone to VR headsets have been on the market for years. However, Chicago, IL-based Incontext Solutions is among the first organizations creating business driven experiences using VR. Their goal is to create VR solutions that allow retail shops, grocery stores for example, to optimize their in-store more at Tech.Co.

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