Disruption - six technologies that will change convenience and fuel retailing

Posted by Patrick Niersbach on September 13, 2018

This article was originally published in Convenience Store News

The Emergence of Omnichannel 

"True omnichannel retail is still something retailers and brands are striving for, but doesn’t yet exist," explained Mark Hardy, CEO of InContext Solutions, a global provider of enterprise mixed and virtual reality solutions focused on retail optimization and shopper engagement. "In general, though, the convenience channel seems to be making quite a few leaps and bounds when it comes to innovation. Because it’s increasing in popularity, shoppers are more inclined to interact in new ways, whether that’s mobile apps, or in-store technology. But it’s going to take some true innovation and disruptors to take the lead on creating true omnichannel shopping experiences in the convenience channel."

Frictionless Checkout Gains Traction

The convenience channel is where this technology can "shine" because it's a fast-moving space, according to InContext Solutions Chief Technology Officer, Tracey Wiedmeyer.

"People are coming in and out constantly, and they're choosing just a few items at a time, not an entire cartload full. It just enhances that convenience factor," Wiedmeyer said. 

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