Anything you can do in the real world, we can do better. Really.

ShopperMX™ provides a fast, risk-free and cost effective way to visualize and iterate on new concepts before creating anything in the physical world.

See how new concepts translate within specific retail store environments. Learn how new products, packaging or signage will pop on the shelf. Collaborate with stakeholders in real-time regardless of geographic distance. Improve communication and gain buy-in with immersive presentations.

Skip the mock center, prototypes, email exchanges or time-consuming travel. Leverage realistic virtual simulations to save time and money, and communicate your retail idea like never before.



Virtual reality simulations give brands and retailers the power to:

  • Instantly visualize the total store shopper experience, including new retail concepts, store or aisle layouts, signage and shelf configurations
  • Build localized and retailer-specific recommendations based on real shopper and sales impact insights
  • Design and compare multiple concepts at once
  • Collaborate with stakeholders anywhere, anytime 
  • Collaborate with live, immersive and interactive navigation
  • Integrate with your legacy planning and execution tools for optimal efficiency
  • Take your presentations to a new level to gain partner and stakeholder buy-in
  • Leverage a content library including more than 50 global store environments and hundreds of thousands of products


  • See big data come alive within the aisles of a store for more meaningful analysis 
  • Train machine-learning algorithms for shopper pattern recognition
  • Power engaging brand marketing experiences
  • Improve in-store compliance with realistic visuals and mixed reality applications
  • Digitize and enrich a buyer involvement in global procurement processes
With ShopperMX™, we are now more agile and can react to customer opportunities quickly. We have the power to evaluate the most favorable shopping experience for our customers and talk about projectable results within a month. Not to mention, we are saving a lot of time and money when compared to our old process.