You know you need to move fast, and you need to make decisions backed by data—or risk falling flat with shoppers. The challenge has always been how to do both. The solution is insights and analytics powered by mixed reality simulations.  

ShopperMX™ provides premium evaluation tools and services to mine data and insights from real shoppers—with synthesized attitudinal and behavioral insights—in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods.

Get a quick read within days with A/B testing; or for more complex issues we can provide a customized, holistic research consultation, on new shelf, product, packaging, marketing or store layout concepts. 

Go one step further and bring your proprietary or 3rd party data to life, by visualizing it within the context of a hyper-realistic virtual store. Our mixed reality platform delivers insights and analytics tools that will assess your ROI and give you confidence to go to market, knowing your idea will be a hit with shoppers—before they step into the store. 

Rapid Evaluation Solutions



Identify the optimal layout and assortment for key retailers and channels.


Learn if shoppers notice your new packaging designs—and whether or not the new concepts will impact sales. 


Signage or Display 

Understand how shoppers navigate an aisle and whether a new display or sign can alter their path and purchase.

Advertising Copy 

Design a virtual store test in parallel with a traditional ad copy test to determine whether your ad would positively impact sales, and be able to demonstrate why.

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Understand the impact on brand and category sales by testing alternative pricing scenarios or in-store promotions.

Shopper Decision Trees

Capture how shoppers make choices in a virtual shopping exercise and take purchase hierarchy research to a new level to answer strategic and tactical portfolio questions.

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Macro-level store flow

Understand the impact of aisle changes and store flow from macro store layout alternatives.

Qualitative Research

Use virtual stimulus in your focus groups and IDIs to gage how shoppers will react in the real-world, before investing in physical products, marketing and other store changes.

Real-World Examples

Gaining Confidence with Virtual's Data-Driven Insights

It’s not unusual for people to be a bit leery of the concept of virtual reality. Because it doesn’t yet exist in every household, the technology comes with a bit of a stigma—it’s something futuristic and sounds exciting, but the lack of mass market status means some predict its eventual demise. But those people aren’t thinking outside the box. 


Optimizing a Category Layout

A client was looking to introduce a category arrangement that increases penetration and own-brand sales, while maintaining overall category sales. 


Maximizing Investment in Promotional Marketing

A client wanted to accelerate their speed to market, reduce cost of innovation, and drive topline growth based on their trade spend when it came to promotions. In this specific case, they were looking to test whether or not the assumed winning concept for a new campaign would actually provide the greatest value when executed in the the context of the store.


Understanding Purchase Influences with Shopper Decision Trees

A manufacturer client wanted to better understand purchase influences for their target shoppers in the hard-to-track convenience store channel, as well as intensify their focus on thought leadership.


Mitigating Risk with a Packaging Redesign Study

A manufacturer client wanted to redesign the packaging of one of their frozen food offerings in order to save money on materials. In this case, they wanted to make sure the new packaging concept would continue to maintain or increase sales for both the brand and category.