Progressive brands are leaps and bounds ahead of competitors by using virtual collaboration technology.

You're feeling confident your team has a solid concept—the only problem is it hasn't yet been viewed by your retail partners and internal teams in the context of the store. It's an important step that allows stakeholders and decision makers to gain a deeper understanding of just how your idea will translate in the real world.

Virtual tools from our retail visualization and collaboration platform, ShopperMX, will help you streamline internal collaboration, showcase your vision to secure buy-in, and distribute that vision to sales, merchandising and retail teams. We're connecting manufacturers and brands through virtual reality, changing the way you work.

Share your ideas from your perspective.

Create a retail store visualization in ShopperMX™

Build 3D replicas of the shelf and/or store, including new items, and customize planograms, aisle flow, signage or displays. 

Use VR Mode to put your audience “in" the store

Try on a VR headset and be transported to a highly-immersive, fully virtual in-store experience. Walk through the store and pick up items to view the store as you would in real-life.

Stream live virtual store walk-throughs

ShopperMX STREAMS enables seamless collaboration to work quickly and efficiently with retail partners. 

Collaborate 1:1 in real-time with multi-player experiences

Review, iterate and collaborate in your virtual stores from anywhere with multiple users at the same time.

Distribute videos for on-going reference

Create a scripted store tour accessed via the web, with professional video production support available.

A closer look at ShopperMX STREAMS

InContext is making it easier than ever before to work together. We've launched ShopperMX Streams, a way to enable fluid merchandising conversations that get you to "yes" faster. Share your ideas with an audience over the internet & set-up ad-hoc streamed sessions for retail and supplier teams.

  • Ad-hoc ShopperMX Streams for customers over audio/phone without the typical lag associated with sharing videos or 3D over video conferencing
  • Replace/reduce the need for physical layout centers
  • Facilitate ongoing conversations as extensions of Innovation Center or top-to-top meetings 

Watch STREAMS in action, below!

Interested in learning more about how virtual enables streamlined collaboration for your teams and partners? 

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