Want to see the 

FUTURE without waiting?

Correlation rates of 91% don't lie.

These numbers don't require the cost & time you're used to.

At InContext, our 3D-powered platform enables retailers and brands to quickly learn
how their in-store merchandising ideas will resonate with shoppers. — without
using controlled store tests or traditional mock centers.

A virtual approach for all your insight needs:


How do alternative promotional scenarios impact sales?


Which package is noticed, liked, & results in shoppe​​​​r purchase?


Which display is noticed,
understood, & drives sales?


Which product is
most substitutable?


What is the impact of pricing on shoppers' perception of value?


Where do shoppers expect to find your new product? What does it
do for the overall category?


Which environment or
assortment delivers the
optimal performance?


How does a different store
layout improve shoppers'
purchase behavior?

Our platform.

Virtual simulation software.

More informed decisions at retail.

At InContext, our ShopperMX platform enables retailers to visualize, test, and activate with scale and speed – while integrating the voice of the shopper AND mitigating risk and excessive cost.

Our leading 3D retail simulation platform enables fast paced virtual prototyping following by virtual test and learn quantitative research enabling 90% savings, 10x faster results, and 3x more data than traditional in-store testing.  

We are excited to see how leading edge virtual technology can help you make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions at the speed of retail.


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Learn how leading brands are becoming category captains with their retail customers - changing the way brick & mortar is merchandised!

We hear you.

We know how to tackle your retail challenges.


I need to understand if my ideas will raise sales, and if my merchandising strategy will resonate with my target customers, but I don’t have the budget time for controlled store testing.

Validate Strategy

Seeing how my ideas will look in-store on my shoe string budget has transformed the way I think about merchandising effectiveness!

Manage Costs

The speed at which I can iterate, share and gather feedback from my stakeholders gets me to a faster YES than the other brands in my category.

Iterate Fast

I need an easy way to draft ideas, get consumer feedback quickly, and get them to market.

Deliver Quickly
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