How do you truly know if your marketing initiatives will be a hit with customers?

Shoppers have more choices than ever before, which means the importance of designing a clear message when it comes to products and merchandising at the store level has arguably never been higher. So why use outdated methods for in-store signage and display initiatives? Open sign

Leveraging innovative solutions, such as virtual reality simulations, for visualizing and evaluating new concepts is taking the headache out of signage and display planning. 

Our new report, Sending the Right Message: Evaluating In-Store Signage & Displays with VR, explains how forward-thinking brands and retailers are turning to technology to do away with guessing and bypass the mock centers—instead learning how concepts resonate with shoppers in the context of a virtual store. 

We’ve also included a real-world situation in which a large pharmaceutical company improved existing in-aisle signage to better engage customers, saving time and money along the way.

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