Why Do Shoppers Make the Decisions They Make When at the Shelf?

Learning how shoppers make their buying decisions is a key component to jump-starting a winning retail strategy.


But the standard way to do that has been to develop a consumer decision tree through either attitudinal-based feedback or behavioral in-store studies. There’s never been a way to understand both what shoppers will do at the shelf, and why they do it. Until now.

Our new report, Virtual Shopper Decision Trees – Everything You Need to Know, explains how our shopper decision tree offering leverages mixed reality technology to help ideate on future improvement for:

  • Shelf layout
  • POG arrangement 
  • Assortment
  • Wayfinding signage or other POP merchandising

We’ve included real-world examples of how Virtual Shopper Decision Trees are helping our clients save time and money and mine deeper insights that ever before.

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