Virtual technology allows retailers and manufacturers to capture new types of data and glean valuable actionable insights.

Bridging the data divide coverIn today’s omnichannel world, retailers and CPG companies alike are drowning in an unprecedented sea of data. In many cases, they’re unable to translate that data into merchandising and marketing strategies that positively impact the shopping experience—and their bottom line. But virtual can change all that...

“If you want to know what the future will look like, virtual enables you to see things that you can’t look at in any other way because it doesn’t exist.” – Rich Scamehorn, CRO
, InContext Solutions
Bridging the Data Divide: How Virtual Technology Unlocks Insights into the Future of Retailing, explains how data availability is impacting the retail and CPG industries, and explores how companies can leverage virtual technology to not only capture that data, but to glean valuable insights that will translate into a more optimized shopper experience. 

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