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Faster Smarter More Profitable Whitepaper

Data shows that consumers still want to stop in a brick and mortar store and understanding how a consumer behaves while inside these stores is paramount to securing a sale. Virtual technology like ShopperMX™ allows retailers to test specific store layouts without the cost or time required to set up physical mock ups. But it also goes so much further.

Below are several key implications for 3D interactive technology from our new whitepaper, Faster, Smarter, and More Profitable: Virtual store simulations propel store design, category management and collaboration into the future. 
  • Shorten Innovation Cycles:  Redesign your space at the speed of thought and experience what customers would see when they walk in
  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate capital expenditures , labor, travel and other costs associated with setting up physical test stores
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Create and validate localized engaging shopper experiences that allow access to the right items at the right time
  • Access Real Time Data: Shopping patterns and preference change quickly, so relying on data from last year or another market reduces profitability potential
  • Communicate More Effectively: In areas where language barriers exist, virtual technology uses imagery to communicate expectations on store layout and product placement
Adaptation and cost management are among the key considerations for successful retail and CPG organizations, and virtual technology address those in a way not realized before.

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