Virtual A/B Test Yields Category & Brand Improvement

The Challenge

A major beverage manufacturer believed the current in-market ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage set was ineffective due to loosely defined segmentation and brand blocking. By pushing for in-aisle merchandising solutions with tighter brand blocking and organized price tier segmentation, the company felt consumers would make faster purchase decisions and drive growth in this specific RTD set.

The Method 

Through our ShopperMX retail simulation platform, the team was able to create several merchandising scenarios, and collaborate on best options to evaluate.

From there, the team ran a virtual study on two different merchandising concepts to understand which concept drove growth both for the category and the RTD beverage brand. They were also able to gather key attitudinal scores from the respondents shopping the virtual concepts, which helped to validate a go-forward strategy. 

The team was then able to create virtual videos and screenshots for a compelling executional sales story they could present to retail partners.

The Result

The manufacturer was able to validate an in-aisle merchandising strategy that drove the overall RTD category, as well as own brands. The company’s RTD beverage sales increased significantly compared to the control test. 

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