Leveraging ShopperMX™ Indicators, a manufacturer and retailer successfully collaborated on ways to drive shoppers into a targeted category.


A manufacturer and retailer were collaborating together on ways to drive shoppers into a specific category in a way that would improve sales and profitability. Ultimately, they agreed to test a new shelf design in order to help accomplish their business objectives. In order to make a smarter decision, they decided to test the new shelf design using ShopperMX™ Indicators, which would ensure maximum ROI before making a huge investment in-store. 


  •       Drive brand and retailer profits.

  •       Determine best approach to new shelf design.

  •       Leverage ShopperMX™ Indicators to test the layout in a virtual store before investing in the in-store changes.

Key Findings

The new layout was tested with shoppers using the ShopperMX™ Indicators to determine impact on sales.  Doing so first revealed risk, then opportunities:  while category sales grew overall, sales for private label products declined substantially. This would ultimately reduce profits for the retailer, making this a layout a poor choice for execution in-store.  Having saved both time and budget using this approach, our clients had time to dig deeper to find better solutions; these were then tested with the ShopperMX™ Indicators .  As a result, our client was able to identify a clear winner, and move to decide quickly on the in-store launch, with confidence that the investment would drive the ROI they wanted.