A client looking to disrupt the arduous in-store innovation process used ShopperMX™ to speed up the timing and mitigate risk of their new concept.


This retailer client came to InContext knowing they needed to respond to shifting market dynamics quickly. They were challenged by the typically slow, cumbersome in-store innovation process that can be a big investment of time and money.  While key to success, innovation at retail is often complex, requiring time, money, and collaboration as well as protecting proprietary information from competitors.   


  •       Establish a collaborative process that allows store innovation planning to happen efficiently.

  •       Maintain competitive secrecy.

  •       Experiment with new ideas without the challenges that come from store disruption.


Key Findings

Our client established a virtual simulation program leveraging ShopperMX™.  Using several simulated versions of their own store, combined with products, signage, displays and endcaps, different functional groups in the company were able to work together and accelerate their ideas in a fraction of the time.  Store design, merchandising and store marketing could all design a concept, enter the virtual simulation and start walking around within minutes, creating new ways to collaborate across groups, with the ability to collect feedback from virtual shoppers at any point.  This program eliminated the cost and complexity previously associated with concept innovation, and ultimately improved the outcomes by allowing time and flexibility for more creative ideation.