InContext and ShopperMX™ helped the client successfully launch a new product by creating impactful, visually stunning marketing movies.


As a company that frequently launches new products, our client found they were often challenged to effectively communicate the launch in a way that generated excitement and confidence from retail partners.  Sales success of new items was critical to the success of individual brands and the manufacturer needed their initiatives to stand out during the selling process and they needed retailers’ buy-in to get that.


  •       Tell and share a clear and compelling story that provides new product information.

  •       Visually explain changes to the planogram as well as introduce new in-store marketing content.

  •       Share the story at top-to-top meetings, on down to individual sales meetings to build excitement and gain buy-in.

Key Findings

Our client worked with the InContext Visualization team and ShopperMX™ platform to create marketing videos.  By demonstrating the new products in a virtual environment, retail partners were able to visualize these concepts and their impact on existing layouts and displays.  The visuals helped remove barriers during the sales process that ultimately led to quicker decisions, better buy-in and greater success of new introductions.