ShopperMX™ allowed our client to update their ineffective and outdated field activation process by successfully transitioning from paper to a digital communication strategy.


This manufacturing client regularly sent store merchandising books out to their sales and brokers teams to ensure consistent and effective communication with the field, and ultimately successful activation.  That program involved using a mock center to display new merchandising concepts, photographing each concept and publishing them in a book that was then distributed across the country.  The cost of the mock center – not to mention printing and shipping of the books – was  quite substantial. Publishing communication materials for field organizations is a costly endeavor.  But does it have to be?


  •       Reduce cost of creating and publishing field communications, with no risk to in-market success.

  •       Develop alternatives that save money (and a few trees), while still achieving in-market goals.

  •       Increase compliance.

Key Findings

Utilizing ShopperMX™ our client effectively transitioned from a paper to a digital communication strategy that not only saved time and money, but now make their communication process more effective and engaging than ever before.  New layouts and marketing programs were built into a virtual simulation and then easily translated into snapshots and videos to communicate new executions clearly and compellingly.  Sales teams and brokers can now access this content instantly through multiple devices – smartphones, tablets or computers.  With new activations detailed in virtual simulations, not only could they reach team members more quickly and at lower cost, but the ideas literally jumped off the page and into the store, improving adoption and compliance.