Virtual research allowed the client to test planogram layouts easily, to help launch a line extension without disrupting the current category.



Our client planned to introduce a new line extension in the feminine care category in drugstores nationally.  Their goal was to maximize brand and category sales; their concern was on impact on their legacy brand, which has significant share in the market.To introduce the line extension most effectively, they decided to modify and test multiple variations of their current planogram. 

Working with the client’s Shopper Insights and Brand teams, InContext Solutions developed a virtual store study to measure the extent to which each planogram drove sales for the new line extension.


  •       Drive adoption of new line extension while minimizing cannibalization of legacy brand.

  •       Ensure optimal findability of the new line extension on the shelf and understand awareness of and attitudes toward planogram changes.

  •       Grasp shopper attitudes toward new and legacy brands.

  •       Understand overall shopper reactions in terms of shopability of the new planogram layouts.

Key Findings

This research and its analyses successfully identified performance differences across each planogram.  We found that two variations that were being considered would successfully drive sales of the new line without significantly disrupting current market share for their legacy product. These recommendations enabled our client to make a confident, fact-based planogram decision based on their critical business objectives.