InContext virtual research helped determine the most effective approach for successful roll-out of a package and branding change without creating confusion or losing sales.


Grocery Store

Our client was planning a major package and branding change for one of its leading products in the beverage category. This product makes up a significant portion of their market share, so they needed a careful and tactical approach so as not to lose valuable brand loyalists. Because they wanted to maximize sales for the brand and category, they also wanted to decide between a partial and a full rollout. Working with our client’s Consumer Insights and Brand teams, InContext Solutions created a custom virtual store study designed to measure the impact that full and partial rollouts had on sales, brand perception and findability across the category.


  • Optimize brand, category and product sales
  • Assess the likelihood brand loyalists/frequent purchasers would switch brands with the change.
  • Assess the impact on the brand of rolling out the changes in phases versus all at once. 
  • Understand overall shopper reactions in terms of product selection and findability.
  • Identify awareness of and attitudes towards the branding and packaging changes.

Key Findings

Our study determined a full rollout of the changes made the most sense as it didn't alienate shoppers or confuse brand loyalists. We discovered that a partial rollout generated confusion among shoppers and therefore negatively affected sales across the brand but not the category. Additionally, the full rollout had no effect on findability at the shelf and the product successfully maintained sales across the category.