InContext virtual custom research helped a client choose the best approach for modifying a key product without affecting perceptions of their brand or future purchase intent.


This canned food client was evaluating label and formulation changes for two of their main product SKUs (Product A and Product B). They wanted to make the change to reduce commodity costs, but were very concerned that label changes would potentially lead to consumers feeling alienated and negatively impact future purchases.  It was critical for the client to gain buy-in on the changes, both internally and with retail partners, as the ROI on the change could prove very risky. Working with the client’s Consumer Insights team, InContext Solutions created a virtual store study to measure the extent to which these label/formulation changes affected brand, category and product sales. 


  • Maintain brand, category and product sales while simultaneously introducing the product/label change.

  • Avoid negative impact on sales, future purchasing behavior and brand perception.

  • Understand overall shopper reactions around shopability and product selection.

Key Findings

Our study successfully identified the optimal label change for each product and, through detailed analyses, was able to recommend the best change to take to market.  For Product A, a clear winner emerged that consistently produced superior sales and consumer attitudes. For Product B, differences were less pronounced, but purchasing was slightly stronger for one alternative under consideration. This virtual store study enabled the client to identify the label/formulation