Using virtual research, InContext provided powerful evidence that a new product could help grow the category.


A multi-national snack food manufacturer planned to introduce a new single-serve version of their current product. The product would launch in multiple flavors based on the existing multi-serve line. Prior to roll out, the manufacturer needed to determine the viability of the new single-serve product and the introduction of key flavors.  To gain complete buy-in from their retail partners, the manufacturer needed to demonstrate that  the single-serve products would benefit sales in the category overall, while (hopefully) not cannibalizing sales of their original product.  


  •       Determine sales viability of new single-serve products, and introduction of key flavors.

  •       Understand impact of new product on base brand, competition, and the category.

  •       Understand if shoppers would be able to find the new product at shelf quickly and easily. 

Key Findings

Through virtual research, InContext was able to recommend that the new product could be introduced without any issues. The original base brand and overall category experienced  significant unit and dollar growth with the new product on shelf.  We found that purchasers of the category were simply adding the new product to their existing mix of products, while not sacrificing anything from their cart. 

The impact of removing low performing competitive products and replacing them with the new product was successfully quantified, and provided a powerful story to gain distribution at retail. As part of that rollout, we recommended additional communications - advertising and some in-store marketing – be included in the rollout to raise shopper awareness and avoid potential confusion.