Business Objective:

Demonstrate category leadership with an aisle innovation that would optimize both product sales and shopper satisfaction surrounding their product, as well as category sales as a whole.  

Business Functions Impacted:cosmetics_aisle_walmart

Category Management
Space Planning

Business Situation

A major CPG manufacturer wanted to prove category leadership by providing recommendations to Walmart about a new way to think about how to shelve their product category. They hoped this innovative approach would optimize both sales and shopper satisfaction surrounding their brand, as well as other products in the category.

To do so, they needed deep insights from shoppers to determine if the proposed changes under consideration would be effective—and why. But their time frame for testing was going to be tight, as they wanted to be able to roll out the changes in a coming reset. The manufacturer turned to InContext to take advantage of mixed-reality research solutions for the test.

Virtual Approach

They decided to work with InContext to field a 2-cell custom research study in a virtual Walmart environment, testing the new shelving arrangement against the current approach. Sales impact was assessed by comparing the actual purchases made by shoppers in the virtual store benchmark with those in the test environment; shopper insights were derived from the diagnostic “why behind the buy” survey that immediately followed. 

Customer ROI & Best Practices

The manufacturer had testing options; in the past, they used purchase intent surveys or historical sales panel data when sales impact wasn’t desired and, when it was, in-store tests. Using the InContext approach, the manufacturer was able to have the best of both worlds: real-time, accurate insights into how shoppers would react to a new arrangement, both behaviorally as well as attitudinally. Within their deadline, they were able to arm themselves with a strong sell-in story to take to Walmart to affect the change, using persuasive data and powerful visuals that made their case.