We are all about our people.


We bring together smart, resourceful, passionate people, give them the support they need, and then get out of their way. Our employees work with world-class brands, collaborate with talented peers and pursue their brightest ideas. We support each other every step of the way, and challenge ourselves every day.

Do you work hard and have a good sense of humor?


Are you passionate about what you do and eager to learn more?


Are you inspired by innovation and game-changing ideas?




“The work culture at InContext has provided me with an infinite number of opportunities to grow – both as a researcher and as a person. Each day is truly rewarding.”
Trenton Hettlinger Analyst, Insights
Biba Beckwith Thumb
"I love working for InContext not just because of the amazing work culture or the competitive ping-pong tournaments; but how each employee plays an important role in shaping where we are going and how we are going to get there."
Biba Beckwith Customer Success Manager
Maureen MacDonald Thumb
“The people, the clients, the challenges we solve, the excitement of being a part of something that is changing an industry – all make me excited to wake up and go to work every day.”
Maureen MacDonald Senior Manager, Customer Success
“Providing clients with state-of-the-art, innovative technology for retail means my job is never dull. I'm excited to see how much further InContext (and our clients!) can go.”
Anil Taneja Vice President, Client Development

Our Core Values


No problem is unsolvable, no client need unfulfillable.

We believe anything is possible. There is always a solution to the problem, even if that solution is not immediately obvious or clear. We refuse to live with “can’t” and won’t stop until we “can.”

Great ideas hold great power.

We firmly believe that the best ideas carry their own weight, regardless of their source. We thrive on game-changing ideas and recognize they can come from anywhere in the company. Seniority, rank, and role matter not.

Be humble, be kind. Empower one another.

Above all, we are a team. We commit that only by lifting one another up can we succeed. By uniting our individual strengths and knowledge we can solve any problem and achieve long-lasting success.

Integrity and honesty always.

We live by our word. We do the right thing, every time. We take full responsibility for the commitments we make, and strive never to make a promise we cannot keep.

Change is constant, necessary, and welcome.

We draw energy from the challenge of an ever-changing market and business. It inspires us to innovate, forge a new trail, and try things that have never been tried before. We embrace the risk of treading new waters with the confidence that we will learn quickly from our errors and right our track with speed. Through our purposeful navigation of these waters we maintain a path of excellence.

”InContext’s Core Values were developed by our Employee Advisory Council, a cross functional group charged with advising the Executive Team, enacting solutions that increase employee satisfaction, bettering our company culture and ensuring that InContext is furthering the careers of our employees. We felt it was extremely important to lay out the fundamental elements which keep us at InContext while ensuring that the organization attracts great talent in the future. With these Core Values, the EAC has articulated the spirit of InContext.

Our Values are the foundation of a company that people want to belong to, and customers want to do business with. Values are not just words on a paper, they are the rules by which we engage with one another, our customers, and our partners, each and every day. By living these Values every day we become a stronger, faster, and more innovative team.”

Mark Hardy CEO

Mark Hardy



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What People Are Saying About Us

Named as an Innovator on the 2016 Chicago Techweek 100 list, and as a finalist for the Best B2B Company in the 2016 Moxie Awards, InContext Solutions is proud to be a part of the Chicago tech community.