In-Store Decisions Can Seem Overwhelming – But They Don’t Have to Be

Think about how streaming video changed the game for television—we now have access to thousands of programs and movies at our fingertips, any time we want. But having too many options can also become frustrating. How many times have you scrolled through Netflix and not been able to find something to watch? You end up choosing something at random and hope it will keep your interest.

Choice can be a great thing—until it’s not. For those tasked with deciding on the best way to arrange products on a store shelf, or to create an engaging marketing display, it can be an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be. One way to streamline decision-making is to narrow down the options and then test them to see what will move the needle.

Testing in-store concepts with virtual simulations can make that process dramatically easier and more efficient. Instead of making blind decisions based on guesses, we can create a few different shelf sets and compare them in a virtual store environment. This not only lets us clearly see what the shelves will look like in the context of the store, but we can also compare them by testing them with real shoppers to get insightful feedback.

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