Anticipating the Unpredictable: Why Virtual Research Can Help You Regain Control in This Uncertain Climate

With the unprecedented steps that have been taken around the world to address the global pandemic of COVID-19, we know that everyone’s daily lives are in a state of flux—we are all in the same boat. Knowing that, and understanding that your current and future research projects are being impacted, we want to help you navigate the landscape during these uncertain times.

As concerns are raised about in-person research methods, and as in-store behavior is skewed by emergency needs for supplies and the impact to distribution of products, virtual research remains a strong methodology for conducting research about merchandising questions and their impact on present or future behavior and attitudes while shopping.

Virtual is innately equipped to allow you to work remotely, to control your testing environment, and help you assess the behavior shoppers would have today, or what they might do in the future when this crisis subsides. This enables you and your team to address how to move forward with confidence regardless of the changes that happen. We want to help you continue to answer your learning plan questions with the power of virtual research, as we learn more about this health crisis and its impact on shopping behavior—allowing your business to run as usual, or as close to that as it gets right now.

We look forward to supporting you any way that we can, both in these immediate days of uncertainty, but also as you begin to navigate your future research needs.

Rich Scamehorn
InContext Solutions Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer

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